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October 2, 2012
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October 17, 2012

How to Answer the Phone and Win Over Customers

It is said that a lot of conflicts are often caused by the wrong tone of voice more than what was said. While you may have meant well by uttering a certain statement, your “raised and high pitched” tone of voice may not necessarily sit well another party. And this is where the battle begins.

Such a scenario can serve as a reminder to your growing pawn shop’s customer call center telephone reps, specifically when answering the phone.

Remember that first impression last. The first “hello” can make or break the entire call. And in this case, a cheery and warm greeting will always win over a dull and monotonous welcome.

But while some inbound call center agents may let that “hello-gone-bad” greeting slide, it is very important to be warm and friendly all throughout the call. This means keeping your cool even if a caller may lambast your product or service. You won’t stop a war by starting another one.

So remember to keep that tone of voice in check. Better yet, be the warm and accommodating contact center service agent that wins over customers.

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