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October 18, 2013
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Did You Know: More Inbound Channels Mean More Biz?

inbound-call-center-service-channelsIt used to be that serving customers effectively meant having a call center hotline that wasn’t busy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yes, that is still very much the case. However, did you know that nowadays, the telephone alone just won’t cut it.

And don’t give us the excuse that you’re just a small-fry player swimming in his or her own little pond. Unless you’ve chosen to live your life as a hermit (which we doubt you are if you’re reading this), we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of technology—particularly, the internet. Believe us when we say that such technological tools can help your business dish out kick-butt customer service.

“Companies that handle customer service effectively across phone and web support it with common processes and technology, a Forrester report finds. And increasingly, they’re leveraging in-bound online queries to boost revenue”, says Mary Wagner of Internet In plain English, this simply means that using more inbound call center channels means more business. Indeed, more clients can reach you, right?

Having a live chat service, a website with an efficient contact from, and even an email account (or three) gives more clients more options to reach you. Folks who want to contact you on their smartphones yet don’t want to spend on call charges can simply send an email, for instance. The youngsters stuck to Facebook and Twitter, meanwhile, might want to post their feedback or queries on your Facebook wall (so best to set up that account today). And of course, don’t forget the more traditional folks—always keep those phone lines (toll-free, preferably) available and busy-tone-free.

So come on, get with the times. After all, finding new ways to reach out to your clients is one of the keys to great customer service, right? And with multiple inbound call center channels, you’re on your way.

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