March 17, 2018
call center training techniques

Is Your Inbound Call Center Training Good Enough For The Clients?

Call center agents are the representatives of your company. This means that they need to be trained well. Call center training techniques, therefore, should be the number one focus of … READ MORE →

March 13, 2018
customer care outsourcing

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Customer Service For Small To Medium Business

It might be hard for small and medium enterprises to compete with larger companies of the same business. Bigger companies have more resources, people — almost everything. But when it … READ MORE →

March 10, 2018
telephone answering service

The Importance of Telephone Answering Service to Medical Spas

It may have been used or applied many times in several given situations, but ‘first impressions’ really are crucial. It could mean everything, particularly in medical spa services, where exceptional … READ MORE →

March 6, 2018
inbound call center script

Reasons Why Inbound Call Center Script Templates Are Important

Inbound call center script templates cover talking points and commonly asked questions referring to calls that come in. It anticipates the full range of customer needs and gives the agent … READ MORE →

March 3, 2018
call center agent

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Call Center Agent?

Many people might say that a call center job is easy because there are tons to choose from. Many people believe that simply knowing the English language will make you … READ MORE →

February 28, 2018
offshore bookkeeping

Financial Transparency Made Possible By Offshore Bookkeeping

Maintaining the transparency when it comes to the finances of a company is important for every business. Knowing the company’s financial status is not only vital to the success of … READ MORE →

February 19, 2018
offshore data processing

Precautionary Measures When Outsourcing Offshore Data Processing Services

It has always been a perceived deterrent factor regarding any outsourcing activity, particularly to offshore locations.

The safety and security of your business data is not only critical to your … READ MORE →

February 17, 2018
email support

Key Indicators Of A Good Email Support Strategy

How would you know if your email support is actually working?

Companies doing customer support communicate with many customers. Hence, they send hundreds and hundreds of emails, messages, and calls … READ MORE →

February 14, 2018
3D modeling in architecture

The Rise Of 3D Modeling In Architecture

3D modeling is fast becoming an integral part of any industry, particularly in architecture. This process, which uses a specialized software to create virtual three-dimensional model of physical objects, allows … READ MORE →

February 10, 2018

How Outsourcing Data Management Affects A Business’ Digital Marketing Efforts

The online presence of a company is crucial nowadays. Digital marketing is the trend. Your customers and future clients have to see you online or else, it will be your READ MORE →

February 6, 2018

Improve Customer Retention By Giving Importance To Every Client Call. Get After Hours Customer Support Now!

After hours customer support is a type of inbound call center service that operates within your business’ inactive hours — ensuring that you don’t miss any important call from your READ MORE →