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Game-Changing Web Chat Customer Service for your Consumer Electronics Business

The consumer electronics market is projected to generate $1.5 trillion in annual revenue by 2022. In such a lucrative and competitive market, brands have to fight tooth and nail to gain customer loyalty. Your brand can stand out by offering exceptional web chat customer service.

Web chat is the third most popular channel among consumers in this particular sector. It has proven effective in a sector where consumers have countless questions regarding product features, delivery, and troubleshooting.

Here’s how you can make web chat work for you:

  • Be proactive – Proactive chat is a feature wherein an agent manually sends customers chat invitations for one-on-one conversations, or via automation. In other words, the brand initiates the conversation, and not the other way around. This feature is particularly helpful for hesitant shoppers and those who need more information on the products they’re looking for.

A Forrester research study found that

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What Tasks Can You Outsource For Your E-Commerce Business

Retail e-commerce sites generated a staggering $305 billion in 2014, and that amount is expected to grow by as much as $548 billion by 2019. Is your e-commerce business getting its fair share of these sales?

If you want your business to perform better, you can outsource select business processes in order to improve overall productivity and efficiency. Here are some tasks that you can entrust with a service provider:

Order processing – The service provider can take care of order entry, shipment, and invoicing. Relegating the task to another party ensures that orders are processed in a quick and organized manner.

Fulfillment – Storing inventory and packing and shipping items is a crucial part of your daily operations, but it can be difficult to keep up when there’s a spike in sales, or during peak shopping seasons like the holidays. Outsourcing fulfillment can help you cope with packing and … READ MORE →

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What Types of Inbound Call Center Services Can Your Private Practice Outsource?

Gone are the days when call centers and business process outsourcing (BPO) companies only worked with large-scale organizations and global corporations. In their desire to serve more business owners, call centers have opened their doors to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and self-employed professionals.

Accountants, doctors and lawyers who run their own private practice have very busy schedules filled with client meetings, clinic visits and court hearings, respectively. The danger with these hectic professions is somewhere along the way, you may fail to attend properly to incoming inquiries or phone calls about your service. When this happens, your business and reputation may suffer. Outsourcing your inbound call center services can prevent this from happening. Here are the following inbound call center services you may want to outsource to boost your private practice operations:

1. Live Phone Answering Service

Regardless of what your private practice is, you are still in the … READ MORE →

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Outsourcing Live Phone Answering Is A Great Option To SMEs

Any business, regardless of its size, will be noticed by its customers if it delivers a good customer service experience. Interestingly, 80% of Americans say smaller companies emphasize customer service more than large businesses, according to the 2011 American Express Survey. If you are an SME owner, you can take advantage of the fact that your customers want to experience good customer service more than anything else

The good news is great customer service need not be costly. Outsourcing your live phone answering service is a cost-effective option that clearly communicates to your customers and partners that you value them and their business. A 24-hour telephone answering service, in particular, solidifies your enterprise’s credibility and professionalism, which, in turn, increases your customers’ trust in your business. We give you four more reasons why outsourcing a live phone answering service is beneficial to your SME:

  1.       Outsourcing a live phone answering service

How Outsourced Call Center Agents Promote Customer Centricity

Over the next few years, customer service is projected to overtake product and price as the key differentiator among businesses. But there’s more to customer service than taking calls and smiling when buyers come into the store. It has to do with creating a seamless and memorable customer experience from start to finish – and this can only be done with customer centricity in mind.

Customer centricity is a business approach where you strive to create positive experiences for your customers during and after a sale. It sounds simple enough, but customer experience design isn’t always the focal point of doing business. Too often businesses expect their call centers to prioritize efficiency and profitability, leaving little room for long-term culture creation.
However, profitability and customer centricity don’t have to be mutually exclusive – as a matter of fact, your call center partner can help you align the two. Here’s how:… READ MORE →

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Inbound Customer Support: Learn From Your Competitor

In business, competition is a powerful force that drives companies to keep on improving their products and services. No serious entrepreneur wants to be left behind, beaten, or outdone by their competitor. The idea that you can learn something from them seems funny at first, but in reality, they may actually be your best source of inspiration for improvement. Here are the top five things about inbound customer support you can learn from your best competitor:

  1.    Customer service is a human value. Every company claims customer service is one of their values, but only after actually conversing or transacting with them will you know if what they are saying is true. Investigate on your own. Call up your competitor’s customer service hotline to observe. How long did it take before your call was answered? Were you able to talk to a real, live operator or agent, or an automated machine?

Outstanding Patient Care With 24/7 Patient Answering Services

24-7 patient answering services in the philippines

In the field of medicine, immediate response and actions to the needs of patients are critical. There is something that needs to be done all the time – and it should be done proficiently. General practitioners, nurses and medical office personnel should necessarily team up to ensure that patients and their relatives are getting the most excellent in patient care.

Occasionally, it can be a substantial challenge particularly during peak seasons – talk about flu and cold season or otherwise when medical centers are starting to get a lot of attention because of the rapidly growing popularity with patients. Incoming calls can distract medical professionals and disrupt them from the patients they are currently dealing with. Moreover, they should not lessen the experience that current patients have while they are receiving care, and at the same time these incoming calls should not be overlooked too. Today, a lot of medical … READ MORE →

The Benefits of Outsourcing Patient Answering Service To Call Centers

Patient Answering ServicePatients nowadays look forward to instant access to their medical records and practices, which include the ease of after-hours communication with a live call center operator or staff member more willingly than automated answering machine. Medical answering services can handle and deal with overflowing calls during peak times or during standard practices hours. Live after-hours answering services offer added convenience to patients when the practice is closed and it provides a better chance for practices to keep patients pleased and satisfied while schedules are packed. A good example is a patient who may basically need to reschedule an appointment.

Generally, with a patient answering service, patients get Class-A convenience with a superior speed-of-response and intelligent operator phone access to their practice at the same time staff members are eased of a telephone load that can involve dealing with hundred calls a day – or worse, a thousand of them.

There … READ MORE →

Incoming! Get Into the Tech Revolution and Stay Ahead

collage-techIn today’s ultra-competitive market, dishing out customer service is key to keep customers happy. There’s no denying this fact. Having great products at low prices isn’t enough anymore.

So how does one keep customers happy with an increasingly vast amount of technology available at these very same clients’ fingertips? Peter Mathews, CEO of Nucleu, shares his insights on the matter: “mobile trend is so strong, that’s really the only important one that we see. If you’re not in that game in a year’s time you might not be in business. It’s going to be that important.”

Yet did you know that you can actually use this very same technology to beef up your inbound call center service? Using a smartphone app which has a “help” button can lead the user to a live assistant who will gladly answer those queries, concerns, and the like.  While you’re at it, why not … READ MORE →

Holiday Greetings to Set the Mood

It has been said time and again that one’s tone of voice can make or break a conversation. A “happy holidays” greeting, for instance, may just turn out sounding rather suspicious if blurted out with just enough “praise”, as if you’re expecting something at the end of the greeting.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the inbound call center world. Remind your telephone reps that spreading Christmas cheer with their holiday greeting is just one side of the coin.

Uttering a warm and friendly “Merry Christmas” each time they take a call is key. This makes callers feel more “Christmas-y” whenever they dial your inbound customer contact center hotline.

Apart from the warm cheer, make sure that it comes at an opportune time—as natural as possible, and not “on cue”, as if in a holiday musical.

So go ahead and soothe the mood with some warm and sincere holiday cheer.… READ MORE →